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What You'll Find at The Veggie Barn

Visiting The Veggie Barn is a lot like visiting our stall at one of the farmers markets. You'll find whatever fruits and vegetables are in season as well as eggs, honey, maple syrup, dried Michigan fruits, Rickles Pickles, and more.

The Veggie Barn serves as the 'pick-up' spot for Share of the Farm subscribers. Bring your bags or totes to load up your share and you'll be back on the road in no time.

Doing some canning or freezing? The Veggie Barn is where you can by what you need...by the pound, by the bushel or by the piece. We often have 'ugly' tomatoes that go by the box at a very reasonable price. Ugly just means that they have a split or a stem poke so need to be taken care of relatively soon to avoid spoilage. Sweet corn is almost always available by the bushel once we start to pick but we encourage you to call to reserve what you need. New for 2017! You pick green beans! Let us know when you want to pick and we'll get you on the schedule.

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